Omnidirectional Camera


Images of 6 sides of the parking lot are analyzed and linked with 1 omnidirectional parking side camera of 12 million pixels at the same time and this is a system of not only guiding parking status information by floor, area to customers using the parking lot but monitoring vehicles or people passing the passage and providing parking guide and my car position checking service by perfect security, surveillance (41/130/200/3 million pixels) without 360˚ blind spot

Product Specifications
Input voltage PoE 36~57V DC
CPU ARM926EJ based (600MHz)
Power Consumption About 7W(including full/empty display lamp)
Minimum subject illumination 0.1Lux @ F1.4(Color)
Frame Up to 15 FPS for video, 1 FPS for JPEG image
Form Race Way Attached Type
Vehicle image JPEG
Recognition rate 98% or more (for normal license plate)
Shooting element 1/2.3“ COLOR 12.4M CMOS
License plate recognition range MAX. 6 cars (simultaneous analysis of license plates (4 digits))
Communication method 100M Ethernet
Synchronization method Internal Trigger
Lens focus 4~6mm
Video H.264
TYPE Including LED
Main Features
01 Rapid parking guidance to empty parking space, video parking detection and parking surface real-time video shooting and transmission, Obtain evidentiary materials in case of an accident
02 Video detection discrimination function
03 Dual-streaming method with 360 ° parking surface (maximum 6 sides), super-high-definition image of 12 million pixels in real time, and simultaneous transmission of video of 130-megapixel or 200-megapixel to IPU
04 Recognized by 6 parking surface license plate at the same time, Using a 12 Mega pixel high resolution digital omnidirectional camera