License Plate Recognition


A smart parking total solution including parking system manufacturing, parking lot operation,
system development, mobile parking service

Recognition rate 98% or more (except front and back bad license plate, special license plate)
Recognition target Cars and trucks
Recognition details Hangul and numbers of license plate
License plate recognition speed Less than 1 second
Shooting method Shooting method
Communication method Communication method
PC Intel i5-3437U , 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Windows 10 Embedded
Shutter speed 1/60 ~ 1/10,000
Lighting device IR LED lighting
Lighting angle 20˚
Resolution Horizontal 1280 pixels, Vertical 960 pixels
Image pickup device CMOS sensor
Vehicle speed in which shooting is possible 30Km/h or less
Communication method Giga Ethernet
  1. Recognize the license plate by disassembling the image transmitted by the Number recognition camera.
  2. Connected to the number management computer via LAN, transmit the recognized license plate image screen
  3. Receive a signal from Vehicle Detection Ultrasonic Sensors and transmit a signal that can operate the strobe lighting device for shooting of constant illumination
  4. When changing the license plate in the future, support the compatibility for the changed license plate during the defect period.
  5. Display the license plate, guide letter, and parking fee in the LED Display Board
  6. LED of LED Display Board uses makes it easy to identify outdoors even daytime and climate change
  7. One License Plate Recognition recognizes both front and rear license plates.