Automatic Barrier Gate


A smart parking total solution including parking system manufacturing, parking lot operation, system development, mobile parking service

Power supply 220V10%, 50/60HZ, Class 3 ground
Driving method BLDC Motor direct drive and BLDC control
Operating speed Can adjust shutter bar rise / fall from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds
Bar Material Square aluminum, LED mounting (BLDC Red / Green)
Bar length Up to 3M
Registration Number Conformance registration number of communication equipment: MSIP-REM-AMA-AGB
  1. It is automatically opened by the vehicle gate open signal and automatically closed by the loop coil when the vehicle passes.
  2. There is no rattling bar trembling even at instant Open / Close.
  3. There is a manual opening / closing handle for opening and closing in case of power failure.
  4. Up to two detectors can be connected.
  5. It can be opened remotely from the central management computer.
  6. With self-diagnosis function embedded, it is possible to identify data such as the number of times of use and limit switch adjustment.
  7. BLDC drive method reduces the load of the motor when the barrier gate is opened
  8. The device is divided into a main body and a base part to protect the main body from the road surface.
  9. It is safely opened with the anti-collision function and automatically closes the bar when the vehicle is completely passing.
  10. At least three layers of external paint are applied to prevent rust.