4 Side Image Recognition Camera


It is a system of analyzing images of parking side cameras (3 sides, up to 4 sides) of 5 million~12 million pixels and not only guides parking status information to customers by being installed on the opposite side of the vehicle but provides real time parking information and my car location service by linking with vehicle guide light, emergency bell etc.

Product Specifications
Input voltage PoE 36~57V DC
License plate recognition range MAX. 4 (Simultaneous analysis of all license plates)
Communication method 100M Ethernet
Frame Up to 10FPS
Lens focus 4~6mm
P/T Angle (manual) ± 170°/30°~90°
Photographing element 1/2.5“ COLOR 5M CMOS
Power consumption About 7W(including full/empty display lamp)
Minimum subject illumination 1.2~1Lux @ F1.2
Memory Flash : 128M / DRAM : 256M
Form Race Way Attached Type / LED Display panel Included
Main Features
01 Provide parking status information to driver passing through parking lot with LED lamp
02 Guide quickly into an empty parking space
03 Transmit super-high-quality video of 500 to 1200 mega pixels to the server in real time by illuminating the parking surface (maximum 4 sides)
04 Real-time monitoring and license plate recognition
05 The operator can selectively store images such as 130 mega pixels, 41 mega pixels, etc.