Amano Thai International  was established on January 21, 2008 to provide Environmental system solutions for customers in Thailand  using  Ecology products. During this time more than 800 customers in every industrial estate across the country have chosen to use system solutions provided by us. By 2018, Amano Thai International has invented , developed , launched  new “License plate recognition” technology  for parking system management  and enter the new parking system business field

Our experienced staff can do site survey inspection,  analyze, design, manufacture , install, train and maintain the systems to meet your satisfaction. Please kindly contact  Amano Thai International  anytime for information on our product lines.

Our Solutions

(Environmental System)
  • remove airborne hazardous chemical substances
  • improve and deodorize work environment of manufacturing facilities
  • reduce clients health care costs
  • improve productivity lower operating costs (our environmental system help preserve, recycle and return of raw material alongside with our pneumatic conveyor systems raw material such as powder could be re-collect and preserve.
  • preserved the environment (reduce outlet emission of industrial section)
  • Help our client  achieve  requirement ISO 1400 , EIA and related environmental standards compliance
(Parking System)
  • improvement of parking lot operation is needed
  • utilization of parking control equipment is needed
  • provide better differentiated services to client
  • Reduce traffic jam in parking area

Generation and development

Coexistence and co-prosperity

A vibrant and dynamic company

What is DON (Proper Action) ? It refers to correct behavior

What is KON (Fundamental)? It refers to an effort that must be done

What is UN (fortune)? It refers to good fortune

Improve Corporate Value

Sustainable Improve value of corporate & societies
Corporate governance, sustainable growth, Profit Re-distribution

Sustained Growth

Nature is constantly being created, and it is also disappearing. We review the present position of business by making whole generation and development including all these.

Corporate Governance

Not only a company or a specific person is prosperous, but all people and society that support the company for such activities share joy and prosperity, think first of coexistence and co-prosperity of employees and recognize the era of balanced response by flexible competition and cooperation with companies nearby out of simple competition

Corporate Governance

Profit Redistribution

Energy to move forward vigorously Challenge to energetic combat challenges Contact between the soul and the soul

Global Network

Amano Thailand is a global company that aims to be the world’s best company in the development of advanced parking system, professional operation of parking lots by introducing AI, Iot, Big Data, AR,VR technology, the future technology into the parking system, various products, and Mobile, Web, Cloud solutions





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