Amano Thai International co., ltd.
General : Why using dust collector systems

A better working environment

We have a full range of equipment
available, from  standard  dust collectors to massive mist/fume
collectors, and large-scale dust
collection systems  and  central
cleaning systems, which all help
to facilitate a better working environment.
Better productivity

Amano has developed a variety of labor saving pneumatic powder conveying systems to improve productivity and the work environment. Amano puts together custom-built systems whose functions range from powder measurement through collection and elimination.
Preserving the environment

In response to the need to remove harmful substances discharged from waste incinerators and the restraints on the dioxin creation, we offer an original system that integrates the bug filter with technology that reacts and eliminates harmful materials


AMANO focus on offering products and solutions for eco- friendly and eco-efficient production
For more than 60 years AMANO has developed eco-friendly products and efficient solutions to reduce the air pollution in the workplace to improve working environment and protect people from harmful particles, fibers, dust, gas, smoke and oil mist.

AMANO products always contribute and provide the best solution that suitable with your needs to reducing environmental impacts from industrial production and to creating safe and clean working environments while boosting production efficiency.

Benefits of installation of dust collector system

•    A clean and safe working environment
•    Less air pollution
•    Lower environmental fees
•    Compliance with laws and regulations
•    Improved quality of the finished product
•    More effective production
•    Economical management of resources and waste
•    Improved production uptime
•    Improved energy utilization