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Creating New Value

Our "GLOCAL" (Global & Local) strategy is to deploy our group companies with emphasis on global growth, while maintaining close relationships with the local regions and customers. We will also continue to venture into new (growth) areas and face new challenges. We are set to strive toward becoming a well trusted and supported enterprise by our customers worldwide.





Environmental systems

Our environmental systems contribute to remove hazardous chemical substances, deodorization, improving the work environment and increased productivity. We address the environmental challenges that face the factory management by integrated engineering.With a core of dust collecting technology and pneumatic powder conveying system, Amano provides products which are friendly to both people and environment aiming for environmental preservation and improvement.

Cleaning systems

The maintenance of cleanliness will improve the quality of customer service in the service industry and will improve productivity in offices and factories. Amano provides a variety commercial vacuum cleaners, automatic floor scrubbers, and high-speed burnishers that polishes floors to a mirror gloss to meet the needs of your office, factory, retail store.

Energy saving solution

Our LED LIGHTING technology provide the best solution of Energy saving and conservation in various industries, office and commercial building, decreasing energy cost consumption (reduce electricity expense & unit consumption) , friendly to environment and reduce carbon footprint . We aims to serve our customer and dealer best with high quality LED product and services and strong support in LED LIGHTING design solution, installation maintenance and after sales services.